• Halo Modding

    Since 2013 I've created a number of Halo 1 PC mods. I also host the Halo Mirror Archive, a static archive of everything Mac-Halo and the largest to my knowledge.
    I also compiled a big Modding Tool Pack with written tutorials, 3D tools, tag editors, map converters, gametype editors, renderers and other tools from the community.
    All my previous works are indexed here on the Halo Mirror Archive, along all the other mods, scripts, clients, plug-ins and other files.


  • PurpleBot Project

    PurpleBot is a friendly, lightweight, voice-activated virtual maid AI.
    She has been in development since March, 2016. The PurpleBot Project aims to create a smooth user experience, rivalling that of large-scale competing IVA's.


  • (ラフィ) Divine Services is a free privacy and anonimity oriented image hosting service.
    You can Drag & Drop, Paste, or Manually select your image file on the upload page and it will completely remove all the image's EXIF-data during the upload process.
    In addition to the image hosting service, the website offers other tools such as a secure password generator, a character count tool and more to come.

  • 【 S a d N e t 】悲網

    SadNet is custom intranet software, currently running on my personal intranet on a Windows Server and a Xiaomi router. It features a private Cloud and multiple web- and software tools to help improve my home workflow.

  • Esoteric Languages

    Early 2018 I got into esoteric programming languages and created a number of scripts and programs in BF as well as other BF-based languages. Also I have created some applications and support packages for some esoteric languages.

  • Discord Administration Bots

    Discord Administration Bots (D.A.B) is a series of Discord bots designed to administrate and log server activity. They have features such as logging and storing chat on a remote server, filtering unwanted contents and preventing spam. All bots are written entirely in C# and operate with help of API's.

  • Mafia Game

    Discontinued. This was an open-source project that aimed to recreate a discontinued browser-based MMO mafia game with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, FlashPlayer and PHP. Primarily nostalgia driven.